Collection: Kollmorgen Digifas series Servo Drives

Kollmorgen's Digifas series servo drives feature advanced digital technology for precise control and optimal torque performance. Key technical features include:

1. High Precision Control: Utilizes microprocessors and FPGAs to manage the servo position loop with high accuracy.
2. Connectivity: Supports various communication protocols including EtherCAT® and SynqNet™ for seamless integration.
3. Compact Design: The drives are designed to save space in switchgear cabinets without compromising performance.
4. Versatile I/O Options: Offers extensive digital and analog I/O capabilities for flexible application use.
5. Ease of Use: Features simple commissioning and parameter setting via an optional MMC memory card, enabling easy firmware updates and parameter backups in the field.

These features make the Digifas series suitable for complex drive tasks in various industrial applications.