Collection: Rexroth DKC series Servo Drives

The Rexroth DKC series Servo Drives offer advanced features for industrial automation. They come in various power ranges, typically between 100 to 750 W, and are designed for single or multi-axis applications. These drives feature compact design and can be connected to different power supplies, including single and three-phase options.
One notable aspect is their ability to store settings for current regulation, velocity command, and position loop directly in the motor feedback. This ensures precise control and compatibility between the drive and connected motor types. Additionally, DKC Drive Controllers are known for their reliability and cost-effectiveness, making them suitable for a wide range of automation control tasks.
With options for analog, stepper motor, and positioning interfaces, the DKC series provides flexibility for various application requirements. They can store multiple positions and can be programmed using software like DriveTop. Overall, Rexroth DKC series Servo Drives are a versatile and efficient solution for industrial automation needs.